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Pre-Bankruptcy Preparation and considerations

Pre-Bankruptcy Preparation and Considerations

Getting organized is your first priority when considering Bankruptcy . Bankruptcy laws have a series of provisions that require a lot of paperwork. Bankruptcy cases can be dismissed for failure to provide all the required documents and information that is needed by law. Prepare a list of your assets, your debts, your income and any lawsuits that you may be a part of. You will then need to pull together all financial documents such as pay stubs, receipts and tax returns relevant to your list.

Pre-Bankruptcy Debt Counseling Requirement

You are not eligible to file a bankruptcy unless you receive an individual or group briefing from an approved nonprofit budget and counseling agency. That briefing must outline your opportunities for available credit counseling and assist you in performing a related budget analysis. It must occur within 180 days prior to filing the bankruptcy. It can take place on the internet or by telephone. If you have not yet received the counseling and you want our assistance, we will help you make the arrangements to fulfill this requirement.

Bankruptcy Fraud

Bankruptcy fraud is a crime. While difficult to generalize across jurisdictions, common criminal acts under bankruptcy statutes typically involve concealment of assets, conflicts of interest, false claims, and fee fixing or redistribution arrangements. Falsifications on bankruptcy forms often constitutes perjury. Multiple filings are not in and of themselves illegal. In the U.S., bankruptcy fraud statutes are particularly focused on the mental state of particular actions.


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