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I Make Too Much for Chapter 7, Owe Too Much for Chapter 13, So Now What Do I Do?

If you don't qualify for either Chapter 7 or 13, do you have to do a very expensive Chapter 11 reorganization? Or could you still qualify after all?

The Chapter 13 Debt Limits

Too much debt can disqualify you from filing under Chapter 13.

How to File a Chapter 7 "Straight Bankruptcy" Even If You Make More than the "Median Family Income"

The amount of your income alone may not disqualify you from Chapter 7.

Our previous blog stated that:

Help! I Just Filed My Taxes on October 15, Owe a Lot, and Hear that Chapter 13 Can Help a Lot

"Straight" Chapter 7 bankruptcy can give some relief for dealing with your back and current taxes, but Chapter 13 can help so much more.

Help! After Getting an Extension to October 15, I Just Filed My Taxes and Owe Tons!

If you were already on the financial edge and just found out you owe a bunch of income taxes, here is how bankruptcy can help.

Help! I Need to File Bankruptcy But Already Did One a Few Years Ago

If you need bankruptcy protection but already filed a bankruptcy case within the last few years, you may still be able to file a new one now.

Help! My Co-Signer and I Just Got Sued!

If you and someone else jointly owe a debt, bankruptcy can protect you against the debt and against your co-signer. Or if you want, bankruptcy can instead protect your co-signer.

Help! I Just Got a "Final Notice of Intent to Levy" from the IRS!

If you owe income taxes, and are at the point that the IRS is about to seize your assets, you need to consider bankruptcy. It can help in surprising ways.

Help! Support Enforcement Just Garnished My Paycheck, and is Threatening to Do Worse

If you're behind on child or spousal support, the support enforcement agency can be extremely aggressive. Chapter 7 doesn't help much. Chapter 13 CAN.

Advantages of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy After Stopping Repossession of Your Car or Truck

Straight Chapter 7 bankruptcy gives very limited help if you're behind on your vehicle and need to keep it. And Chapter 13? Provides much more help.


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