The founders of our country understood that a fresh start under federal law is so essential to the fiscal health and economic vitality of our country; they included the right to file bankruptcy in Article 1, Section 8 of the United States Constitution.

A lawsuit can be very stressful and costly. Whether the cost is financial or emotional, the consequences of ignoring a lawsuit can be devastating. If you have been sued, you might want to consider bankruptcy as an option to stop the lawsuit. Bankruptcy may prevent an individual or company suing you from ever getting a judgment. One of the most powerful benefits of filing for bankruptcy is the Automatic Stay. This stay effectively stops most legal proceedings and collection actions against you.

Criminal actions, lawsuits to establish paternity or other domestic relations actions (custody, visitation, domestic violence), litigation to collect child support or alimony, repaying a loan from certain types of pensions, and IRS audits are not stopped. Landlords are free to complete evictions if the landlord already has a judgment of possession or where the eviction is based on endangerment or use of illegal substances on the leased premises. Moreover, the automatic stay doesn't stop or postpone actions to restrict driver's licenses and revoke professional licenses, although a bankruptcy can restore a driverís license to someone after it has been revoked for failure to maintain financial responsibility (liability insurance).

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